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a’TEST consultants can assume total management responsibility for a client’s drug-free workplace program, or will network with a client’s existing program for specimen collections and breath alcohol testing only.

a’TEST consultants provides urine specimen collection and breath alcohol testing service for clients in the Mid-South and nationwide.

a’TEST consultants is a member the Substance Abuse Programs Administrators Association (S.A.P.A.A.)

A drug-free workplace is advantageous to the employer and to the employee.

Healthy Arkansas

Worksite Wellness Program

Worksite Wellness programs can help you and your employees. Want to know more? Check out the Healthy Arkansas Worksite Wellness program.

Industry Involvement

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Medical Marijuana in the Workplace
January 18, 2017, 9am-Noon
Sponsored by A'TEST Consultants and the Human Resources Management Association of Arkansas

Hosted by Performance Foodservices, Little Rock, AR
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